Photos by Alli Faricy.

EightLegsPhotography was born out of the love of the underwater creatures that inspire us all to be more adaptable, more intelligent and more enchanting, the Octopus. Though they are often unseen and very rarely given the respect they deserve, Octopus can squeeze themselves in to small places, set the standard for intelligence and camouflage as well as defend their eggs to the death.

Alli Faricy enjoys spending time outdoors and photographing any and all creatures, from frogs to rhinos. This page is her dedication to those animals and the habitats they live in. Not every picture is perfect, but neither is nature. This is a dedication to the imperfections that surround us and by not over stylizing her photos, Alli hopes you get an idea of what these animals would look like if you saw them in the wild.  

Alli resides in Minnesota with her loyal dog, Norm.